This is a wall of all the games I’ve worked on in any degree that I’m allowed to disclose. Some of these games may have only gotten to the prototyping stage or may have never left the planning stages at all. I keep it all up here so I stop dropping projects.

I Am President

Super Important Decision Simulator about running an unnamed country for iOS.


Casual tile-hopping puzzle game about life, loss, and hope for Desktop and Mobile.

Heroes Above

Asynchronous online multiplayer strategy game for iOS devices.

Toys, Inc.

Casual arcade game for iOS and Android about making toys from the most miserable factory on the planet.

Whiz Kitty

Casual arcade game for iOS and Android about balls and fat cats.

Unfinished game projects with playable builds and short game concepts built for exhibition purposes.


3D action RPG for PC about a dude on a journey in search of awesomeness.

Showdown! Super Idol Galaxy

Couch multiplayer game for PC about stealing the spotlight from your rival intergalactic popstar.


A collaborative project for college.


Puzzle platformer for PC about family, growing up and space faring jellyfish.


Puzzle platformer about atonement based on Dante’s Purgatorio. Built for my college thesis.

Apa Run

Cute sci-fi endless runner for mobile.

Game projects that could have been anywhere in its development from conceptualization to prototyping but were abandoned early in its development.


Item crafting and shop management simulator with a fantasy RPG feel.

Land of Heroes

Casual mobile RPG with mechanics inspired by classic WRPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Pillars of Eternity.

Steel Hearts

Turn-based strategy RPG inspired by popular anime classics like Sakura Wars, Evangelion, and Love Hina.